3-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Pudding

25 Feb

Chocolate craving + lack of chocolate at home = This recipe. I decided I would try mixing the cocoa powder I had leftover from baking Christmas treats with some of the almond butter I had on hand. Mixed together I got a gross looking paste so I decided to pour some almond milk in to thin it out and somehow that magical combination turned into a decadent chocolate pudding.


2 tbs almond butter (I’m sure other nut butters would work just as well)

2 tbs cocoa powder (or cacao, my roommate has tried that with success)

2 tbs almond milk (or any type of milk)

photo 1

This recipe could not be easier.

photo 2

This is what the mixture looks like with just one tbs of almond milk – it is more like a spread so if you’re thinking you want a sort of nutella substitute, stop here.

photo 3

I add a tiny bit of sea salt to deepen the flavor. Make sure you are tasting as you go, if it’s not sweet enough add some honey, agave, or maple syrup.

photo 4The pudding is delicious on it’s own but I like to dip my fruit in it (it makes me feel better about eating this for breakfast) – I usually use Granny Smith apples, but bananas, oranges, and berries all work very well also. This batch makes enough for 1-2 people, but is easily multiplied for larger groups.



Stovetop Scents

16 Feb


If you are spring cleaning like I am this weekend, here is a little trick to make your home smell amazing while you clean.

Orange Peels

Put orange peels and cinnamon into a pot on the stove on medium heat and enjoy a yummy smelling Saturday. The top photo is from pinterest but I wanted to include it because it was so pretty. I only had 3 oranges that I was about to toss out, but it worked great and is still burning away in my kitchen.


We love all natural skin care!

10 Feb

Lately Heather and I have been talking about DIY skin care recipes such as our Kitchen Cupboard face mask and our DIY soaps. It’s so interesting the ingredients that go into certain skin care products and the effectiveness of them.

Where are we going with this? Well, did you notice the new little boxes under our archive section? We’ve met a few people, fallen in love with their products, and they were nice enough to give 10% off to any of our Two Girls friends.

Bogavia is our new skin care obsession. We met up with the creator of the all natural face and body care line, photo-1Alison, who explained why she created this amazing line. “I wanted to create a little piece of heaven on earth. I believe people should really take the time with their skin care routine and pamper themselves” explained Alison. Alison also shared with us her history as a holistic health expert, and her pastry chef background while living in Italy. Talk about an amazing girl making stuff!

This collection really is all-natural. With ingredients throughout the line such as aloe vera, nettle, chamomile, rose hip, and sea kelp, you really feel good about putting this product on your skin.

Our personal favorite product so far is The Essential Toner. Alison gave us a sample last week and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve used it every morning the past week and my skin feels smooth, hydrated, and not dry (like many other toners leave my face feeling).

So experience the line for yourself- click on our Bogavia link on the right side of this page and save 10% on any of their products. 

Sometimes you can make all the DIY skin care recipes you can, but nothing compares to the expertise of a true skin care expert!

Spice Organizer

30 Jan

One of the best ways to save money is by cooking at home, and since this girl is back in school, the budget is tight! When cooking at home, spices are your best friend, but your cabinet’s worst enemy. My spices have completely overtaken an entire shelf of cabinet space and I have been wracking my brain for a solution. Unfortunately I don’t have the space to use magnets and hang them all up in plain sight, or the money to buy a fancy spice rack, so here is the simple solution I came up with.


Box – smaller size, with shallow edges is best


Sharpie marker


Online shopping is another way to save some dough(as long as you don’t go overboard) because you can find amazing coupon deals and you don’t have to waste gas driving to the store. My most recent purchase came in this box, which is just about the perfect size for my spice collection.


I cut off the top flap and painted the inside of the box white and used some of the gold paint from my last project on the outside. This will take a few coats to cover the natural color of the cardboard. Some other ways you could the cover the box are with patterned paper, fabric, newspaper, magazine images, spray paint, Mod Podge, etc. So go crazy with the personalization!


Here is my disorganized spice cabinet. I have to shuffle them around every time I cook and there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to where they are placed back. What a mess!


While all of my spices don’t fit in the box, the ones I use the most do. This is a huge help because when I go to cook something, I can just take out the entire spice box, rather than running back and forth between the stove and my spice cabinet!


All organized and look at all the space I have now! The stuff that didn’t fit in the box are mainly back-ups that I had purchased because I will be running out of the other one very soon. This quick project can also be just as easily done with a store bought box/basket, tupperware or a serving tray.


Skinny Alfredo

29 Jan


I love Fettucini Alfredo – but I feel my heart slowly exploding every time I eat it. It’s so good, but so bad for you (like many things that are so good). So I went on a little internet search and found some inspiration for my own Alfred0- with a lot less love handles involved.


3 Chicken Breasts
1 bag of frozen broccoli florets
1 box penne
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
minced garlic
3 tbsp flour
2 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1 cup parmesan cheese

I didn’t take any photos while cooking- sorry! I was in the zone I guess. But this is really easy to make- your secret ingredient is the greek yogurt. This takes the place of your heavy cream in the alfredo sauce.

Chop up your chicken and cook it. Chef’s choice- grill it, bake it, whatever your heart desires. We pan fried it on the stove top.

Cook your broccoli in the microwave- just follow the instructions on your package.

Cook your pasta in a large pot.

While your pasta is boiling- it’s time to make your sauce.

Pour the extra virgin olive oil in a large pan along with a few dashes of minced garlic. Let it simmer on low for a minute.

Next, add your flour, and whisk while you add. This will thicken your little mixture up a bit and it will start bubbling. Keep whisking!

Slowly add your chicken broth and milk while you keep whisking.

Next you will add in your secret ingredient- greek yogurt!

Lastly- whisk in your parmesan cheese.

Let your sauce heat up on low while you add your chicken and broccoli to your pot of penne (drain your pasta first incase you forgot about that).

Pour your alfredo over the top and you are ready to go.

Top each plate off with some extra parmesan cheese and pepper- and you have yourself some skinny alfredo! This recipe feeds 4 very hungry people.


Constellation Series

27 Jan

All things galactic – stars, constellations, the sun, the moon, planets etc. have fascinated me ever since I was little. I vividly remember being about 5 years old and sitting in the backseat of my mom’s Toyota Camry on a night drive home from wherever and buckling myself into the middle seat so that I could lay down and stare at the stars while we moved along. The fact that people would travel wide open oceans using only the constellations to guide them romanticized stars in my mind to a point of no return. I still get giddy when I spot my first star of the night and so a mixed media series on constellations was inevitable.





Sobo glue

Heavy gel medium

Acrylic paint

Ceramic paint


To start I picked out five constellations that had myths or meanings that resonated with me, which ended up being Orion, Andromeda, Perseus, Ursa Major and Sagittarius. In researching each story I was able to draw out some major themes and then collaged the canvasses in relation to each constellation’s main idea.


I had intended on taking pictures of each step of the process but got caught up in the project instead. So after gluing the images to each canvas, I coated them all with a layer of thinned out gold paint. Then I thinned out a vibrant phthalo blue and layered a coat on top of the gold paint. The result was an ethereal iridescence that changes depending on the lighting. On top of those layers I put a thick coat of gel medium. I then drew out each constellation and painted each star a bit differently with gold centers and white starbursts. I connected the stars with dots of a more saturated phthalo blue. It was at this point that I remembered the “Starlight, Starbright” nursery rhyme – a rhyme that I sang often as a child, mainly on my walks home from my Nana’s house as I picked out a star in the sky and made an earnest wish. So I used the ceramic paint and drew out a phrase of the lyrics on each canvas. I then coated the letters in a gold glaze. As a final touch I painted the names of each constellation on the canvasses in the style of old star charts.


Orion – The hunter, which for me translated into goals and aspirations.


Andromeda – The chained lady, which I interpreted as obstacles.


Perseus – The hero, signifying support from others, whether it be moral or physical.


Ursa Major – The bear, since this constellation can be seen year round and is famously used for navigation, I interpreted it as routine and steady progress.


Sagittarius – The archer/centaur, my sun sign, that I designated as reevaluation and the creation of new goals.


Here is a panorama of where they have been hung in our livingroom.

IMG_2315And here is a photo collage of all of the pieces together.


Spray Painted Phone Case

24 Jan

This is a super simple way to take a phone case you already have and make it new and fun again.


Phone case

Paint – I used spray paint, but most any kind would work


Seems like almost everyone has moved into the smartphone world, and while the things these phones can do is amazing, they are fragile pieces of technology that really need a case to protect them from accidents.


I bought this case off of Amazon for under $5 and used it as is for months and loved it. The consumer in me won out after a while and I purchased a different case and threw this one into storage for the time being. Then one day I came across a blog that was showing ways to use glitter and paint to create a fun case when it dawned on me that I had some silver chrome spray paint that would make that black case look amazing.


So I laid down some newspaper outside and got spraying!


I let the paint dry overnight before handling it, just to make sure I wouldn’t leave any finger prints on the finish.

IMG_0071All done and ready for a few more months on my phone! Simple, quick, easy and using stuff I already had on hand – it doesn’t get much better than that!


Update! After actually putting this case to the test, the paint begins to wear off on your hands a bit so I have gone back and coated the case in a clear gloss lacquer to protect it from further wear.

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