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Doodle Designed Metal Cart

13 Aug

First off, welcome to our new home! We had outgrown our humble blogger page and decided that the Two Girls were ready for bigger and better things. Thanks for sticking with us!

So, during our summer hiatus I have been working on some furniture projects. I am moving next month(yay!) and am quickly realizing that I need more storage options. Lucky for me, our house has been the family dumping ground for unused and unwanted furniture. I saw this metal cart and instantly knew it had potential for greatness.


Sand paper

Spray paint

Painter’s tape


This is after I cleaned off years worth of dust and grime. It honestly doesn’t look too bad, and if I were going for the industrial look, this is all I would have had to do. I decided this would probably end up in my bedroom, so a black/white/silver combo would go best.

After it was all clean, I sprayed on a heavy duty rust primer just to make sure that none of the rust would bleed through.

Then I went ahead and repainted the legs chrome silver again.

I let the legs dry overnight then taped them off and covered the wheels with paper towels to protect them from the next step.

Glossy white paint – I should probably buy stock in this stuff because I use it for everything. So fresh and so clean clean.

Now, I went to take off the painters tape and apparently the silver paint wasn’t happy. A lot of the paint came off with the tape and I really don’t know why. I didn’t mind the mix of chrome and matte silver though, so I just rolled with it.

Time for the sharpies! I kept a bunch of them out so I could rotate them as they started to wear down or dry out.

As you can see, I was inspired by floral henna designs with their curvilinear shapes and line patterns. I basically just dove right in and placed the designs wherever , filling in the blanks as I continued drawing. I surprisingly wasn’t much of a doodler in school, but once I got started, it became a bit addictive and I wished I had been doodling my time away during those boring history classes.

All covered! I decided not to do the bottom shelves because I figured they wouldn’t be seen at all anyways. I am so happy with the way this turned out and am pretty excited to incorporate some more doodling into my day.


















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