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7 Apr

We all love instagram, but what to do with those square photos if you want to print them? It’s hard to find a square frame, and you can’t scale them much larger because of the quality. But I have a solution for you! Instacubes!


Wooden Block
Spray Paint (optional)
Photo Paper

First find a wood block. They have these wooden cubes at most craft stores. Measure a side of your cube.

Next, set up your favorite 6 instagram photos to print. I made mine a little smaller than each side of my cube so they all had a border, but you can go all the way to the edge as well.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 6.12.06 PM

Paint your cube if you like, or keep its wood appearance. Once you’ve printed and cut your instagram photos, spray some spray adhesive to the back of each, and stick it on your cube.

This is a simple, cost-effective, unique way to display your instagram photos. How cute would a bunch of these blocks be stacked up on a shelf? Or even as a fun centerpiece at a wedding filled with photos of the bride and groom! So many possibilities.

I made this Instacube for Katie, one of our winners of our “Photo-a-Day Challenge” on facebook. Be sure to follow us for fun DIY updates and more contests!


Photo-a-Day Challenge

2 Mar

::::We have some exciting news to share::::

Two Girls will be doing their first ever GIVEAWAY this week (why? because you are all awesome.)

For the next week we will be posting a “Photo a Day” Challenge on our Facebook page. Take a photo having to do with the¬†theme of the day, and post it on our Facebook wall.

Participate as many days as you would like for the next week, get the most combined likes- and win! (friendly advice: the more days you participate, the more likes you will probably receive. Re-share it on your own page and you will probably get even more.)

The winner will be announced next Saturday and will receive an awesome gift from the Two Girls.

The Challenge starts today, so be sure to visit our page:

Good luck!!

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