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DIY Photo Booth

17 Dec

What makes an amazing holiday party even better? A photo booth! But who wants to spend $1,000 on renting one for just 3 hours when you could make one yourself for less than $5 and keep it up all night long!

My friend Stephanie just had the holiday party of the season and she decided to make her own photo booth. It was the talk of the night and made the party even more fun. The more the guests had to drink…the better the photos got! So here are all the steps you need to make your very own photo booth.

Crepe Paper
Wrapping Paper
an iPad
Construction paper and wooden dowels
Random assortment of props

“I started by covering the back wall with colorful wrapping paper (I would suggest something simple with geometric shapes or a simple pattern), and then taping crepe paper in a line so it hung down to the floor over the paper.”

photo 1-3

“For the props, I just had a wicker bench to serve as the seat, and put two tables next to it to hold a box of props on one and the ipad on the other.”


“Props included mustaches that I drew, santa hats, funny headbands, reindeer antlers and a red nose I made out of glittery foam. I wanted to include a chalkboard for people to write their own messages, or had a sign that said “I’ve been naughty/nice”, but didn’t make it that far. Another suggestion would be to have mistletoe!”

“I made a frame out of cardboard covered in glitter. This turned out to be the favorite prop of the night!”

photo 2-2

“To take the pictures, I used an app on the iPad called “Pocketbooth”, which was simple to use and had a self-timer (someone needed to hold it up because I didn’t have a stand, but if you can rig something up- that would be even better).

“It was cheap ($1.99!) and pictures could easily be saved to the camera roll, emailed or posted right to facebook or twitter.”


Thanks for sharing the ins and outs of making this awesome photo booth, Steph! It was a huge hit and super fun and easy to make. It’s definitely worth the $1.99 investment in the app.

If you don’t have an iPad- no worries! A lot of people were posing, using the props, and taking photos on their own phones or cameras as well. Definitely the perfect addition to any holiday party.




DIY Snow Globe Soaps

26 Nov

This is perfect for the beginner soap makers out there who would like to make some personalized soaps in bulk for holiday gifts. I got this idea from the Alpha Mom blog. I stumbled on it when I was searching easy soap recipes and it was just too cute not to try. It cost me about $15 in supplies and took about an hour from start to finish. This makes homemade gifts for about 30 people, so in my book- this is an amazing project.


Soap Dye
Soap Scent
Soap Glitter
Mixing Bowl
1 White bar soap (I used Dove)
Ice Cube tray
Measuring cup
Cheese Grater
Holiday buttons, toys, figurines, ect…

Don’t be afraid by the word “Glycerine”. It was actually very easy to find at the store. I made one stop at my local A.C Moore and found all of the soap materials I needed including the glycerine.

Chop up your glycerine into ice cube-shaped blocks (which is pretty easy if you get the block of glycerine like I did). Then shave your white bar soap with your cheese grater into a pile.

Put about 6 of your glycerine chunks into a mixing bowl for 1 minute.

Gloppy goo. So add your soap dye, scent, and soap glitter to the bowl. I added 2 drops of blue and about 8 drops of lavender vanilla scent. I was iffy about the soap glitter- but I’m really glad I decided to use it. It makes the end product sparkle and seem more “winter-ish”, and it doesn’t come off at all on your hands when you use the soap. So I would definitely recommend picking up a little jar (I think it was about $3 and well worth it).

So here is where there is a little guess work involved. Stick your goop back into the microwave for about 20 seconds at a time. You want it to be as liquid as possible.

Pour your soap liquid into a measuring cup so it’s easy to pour into your ice cube trays. WORK QUICK! This is another one of those projects that I wasn’t able to take as many photos of the process as I would have wanted. If your ¬†mixture solidifies, just put it back in the microwave.

Fill your ice cube tray only about 3/4 of the way up. You want to leave a little room for your “snow”. Place your fun little figurines into each cube while it is solidifying. I found little gingerbread men, snowflakes, and other fun embellishments in the scrap-booking section.

Sprinkle the white bar soap shavings on top of the soaps (which should now be turning solid) and then add pour the last bit of your liquid glycerine on top of each cube to make sure the “snow” sticks.

Pop the tray in your freezer for about 20 minutes, pull out, and enjoy!

I packaged mine with clear sandwich bags and ribbon. I’m keeping them in my fridge until I’m ready to give them as little gifts this holiday.

These would be perfect for the child who frequently skips washing their hands. Once they use up the soap- they have a little toy!

Happy Holidays!


Glitter Shoes

15 Oct

This project was so much fun, and I’m so happy with the outcome! I was skeptical at first, but this is an easy, cheap, brilliant, way to update that pair of shoes you no longer wear.

These toe-less ankle boots had been sitting at the bottom of my closet for over a year now. I have only worn them once, and they were the perfect guinea pigs for this experimental project.
Pair of Shoes
Tacky Glue
Spray Adhesive
Once you have your pair of choice, stuff plastic bags into any openings you do not want to get sticky or glitter-ified. (If you are doing a pair of heels or flats, this would be the whole inside opening where your foot would go)
Next I said good-bye to my shoes, no turning back now. Pour some tacky glue onto your shoe and turn it into a thing layer using your paintbrush.
Glitter time! (I can’t remember the last time I’ve used glitter in a project, possibly elementary school. But let me tell you… reunited and it feels so good.)
Continue to put layers of glue onto your shoe and glitter on top until you have covered a large area.
Gently pat the glitter down so it really sticks to the glue.
When I started the other shoe, I was getting impatient so I covered large areas with the tacky glue. This actually worked just fine, and went much quicker.  
Continue to dispense your glue, paintbrush it thin and right up to the edges of the sole, and sprinkle your glitter.
This is what I have to deal with when I’m trying to do anything that isn’t feeding, petting, or cuddling Molly.
I expected this project to take a lot of glitter, but it really didn’t at all! This was a brand new container and I barely made a dent in it. So you don’t need to purchase very much at all.
Once I felt that I had covered every part of the shoe with glitter, I used a dry paintbrush to dust away any glitter specs that were on an area I didn’t want any on. (Molly was entranced by the glitter)
Take your spray adhesive and put a thin coat onto your shoes. 
IMPORTANT: make sure you are a good distance away (like a foot or more) from your shoes when you spray. If you are too close it gobs up on the glitter and makes it not sparkly anymore. I had to re-do a section because of this.
These bad boys took forever to dry. I sat them in front of a fan to speed up the process, rotating them every 20 minutes.
I can’t wait to wear these!

I love the way these turned out! 
I’m all ready thinking of other pairs I can do this to, with other glitter colors.
–Emily Jo

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