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Guest Project: Samantha Sciotti’s Nightstand Update

29 Mar

Just a couple days ago I received a text message from our friend and former roommate, Sam, asking about the best ways to paint a piece of unfinished wood furniture. In return for our knowledge, she promised to take pictures of the process and send them our way:


Piece of unfinished furniture or wood

Paint or primer


Paint brushes

A piece of plastic on which to do this, if working on this indoors

Dry cloth or rag

photo 1

“I took an old Ikea night stand that I have had for years.”

photo 2

“Stenciled on a design I wanted”

photo 3

“Took primer and painted the areas I wanted white then used a stain and stained the whole night stand.”

photo 4

“I took a dry cloth and wiped down the white areas after because they seemed a little sticky but it wasn’t really necessary.”

photo 5And there you have it! In just a few simple steps, Sam turned this run-of-the-mill nightstand into a personalized piece with lost of character!


DIY Photo Booth

17 Dec

What makes an amazing holiday party even better? A photo booth! But who wants to spend $1,000 on renting one for just 3 hours when you could make one yourself for less than $5 and keep it up all night long!

My friend Stephanie just had the holiday party of the season and she decided to make her own photo booth. It was the talk of the night and made the party even more fun. The more the guests had to drink…the better the photos got! So here are all the steps you need to make your very own photo booth.

Crepe Paper
Wrapping Paper
an iPad
Construction paper and wooden dowels
Random assortment of props

“I started by covering the back wall with colorful wrapping paper (I would suggest something simple with geometric shapes or a simple pattern), and then taping crepe paper in a line so it hung down to the floor over the paper.”

photo 1-3

“For the props, I just had a wicker bench to serve as the seat, and put two tables next to it to hold a box of props on one and the ipad on the other.”


“Props included mustaches that I drew, santa hats, funny headbands, reindeer antlers and a red nose I made out of glittery foam. I wanted to include a chalkboard for people to write their own messages, or had a sign that said “I’ve been naughty/nice”, but didn’t make it that far. Another suggestion would be to have mistletoe!”

“I made a frame out of cardboard covered in glitter. This turned out to be the favorite prop of the night!”

photo 2-2

“To take the pictures, I used an app on the iPad called “Pocketbooth”, which was simple to use and had a self-timer (someone needed to hold it up because I didn’t have a stand, but if you can rig something up- that would be even better).

“It was cheap ($1.99!) and pictures could easily be saved to the camera roll, emailed or posted right to facebook or twitter.”


Thanks for sharing the ins and outs of making this awesome photo booth, Steph! It was a huge hit and super fun and easy to make. It’s definitely worth the $1.99 investment in the app.

If you don’t have an iPad- no worries! A lot of people were posing, using the props, and taking photos on their own phones or cameras as well. Definitely the perfect addition to any holiday party.



2 ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

11 Nov

Guest blogger, Stephanie, cooked up some quick and easy muffins that she wanted to share with all of you. These are a little too easy and perfect for the Fall season.


1 box yellow cake mix
1 can pumpkin (15 oz)
mixing bowl
muffin tin

“1 box cake mix (yellow) and one can pumpkin (15 oz). Pour the cake mix into a mixing bowl, then add the pumpkin and mix! Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes! About 1 1/2 teaspoons of mix per muffin.

I needed something to make for a food day at work, so I stalked down some recipes on pinterest and this was the easiest! Only 2 ingredients! And it was a huge hit!”

Thanks for the great fall recipe, Stephanie!

-Emily Jo

Katie’s Go Green Breakfast Smoothie

3 Oct

Here’s a little recipe that my friend Katie made and wanted to share with you guys!

“Loved this¬†Go Green¬†smoothie. All the nutrients in the spinach but you can’t even taste it! You really just taste the banana and pineapple! Feel free to substitute any fruit to mix it up a bit. This is super filling too, perfect for the dieter looking to substitute a meal.” -Katie



baby spinach


2 bananas

yogurt (optional)

protein mix (optional)



Throw two handfuls of baby spinach in your blender. Cut up 1 cup pineapple and 2 bananas into chunks and toss them in the blender too. Add 1 cup of yogurt to make it more creamy, or add a scoop of protein mix (or both!). Add 1 cup water, blend, and enjoy! This is perfect to make at the beginning of the week and then put in the fridge and just pour yourself a glass each morning.

Guest Project: Annabelle Arnolds’ Handmade Headbands

14 Aug

You guys met the youngest Arnolds child when I made the embellished onesies for Amelia’s first birthday, now here is the oldest of the Arnolds bunch with a project of her own! Miss Annabelle is a sassy 7-year-old with a flair for fashion, so I wasn’t surprised when I got a message from my friend Brooke(her nanny) with pictures of some adorable headbands that she made. Annabelle even wrote up her own supply list and project steps for me!


An old plain headband

Glue or glue gun(if you have an adult)


Strings and thread to wrap around and hold your bow in place

Bows(mine was pre-made but you can make your own)

Sequins/glitter, anything really, except FOAM!

Put glue on the pieces and then stick it on your headband. Any material works.

You can wear your headband anytime you want!

Annabelle made a few more headbands but had already given them out to family members and friends before I could photograph them, but the one she saved for herself was adorable! You can see where her sister gets her modeling skills from too!

As always, keep sending us projects! We love to see what you guys are up to and include you in the blog!


Reader Feature – Abbi’s Embroidered Earbuds

14 Jul
Abbi over at The Lovely Prelude tackled the tangle-free headphone project and they came out fantastic! Take a look at her take on them and don’t miss her blog because it is equally as adorable!
Keep those reader submissions coming, we love to see what you guys are making too!
–Emily Jo and Heather

Pixelated Painted by Taylor Gibson

20 Feb
So it looks like the craftiness is spreading! Our friend Taylor, a graphic designer and all-around artsy girl, decided to create her own version of a pixelated painting.
I’m really loving the composition, and the color palette is very much her style – watery and cool with some warmth thrown in. I can also really appreciate the crisp edges of the pixels because I did not have the patience for that in mine.
We get so excited to see all of your projects, so keep sending them our way!
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