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Sock Bun

18 Sep

Top knots are in! Incase you live under a rock and you have not heard of the sock bun…it’s the way everyone gets their buns to look so perfect. And yes- you use a real sock.

A thick sock
hair tie


Amy might be the queen of sock buns. To show you just how easy the are, she did hers in a restaurant, with no mirror, in under 2 minutes. While I took some photos for you guys.

Step 1: Put your hair in a high ponytail 


Step 2: Cut the toe off a thick sock. 

(don’t use an ankle sock, use a tube sock. I’ve found men’s socks work the best…just wash them first.)


Step 3: Roll your sock


..keep rollin’


…until you have a doughnut!


Step 4: Put the doughnut sock through your ponytail.

ImageStep 5: Pull your sock doughnut up to the ends of your hair and start folding your hair over the sock.



The trickiest part of the sock bun is hiding the sock. No one wants people to know that they have a sock on their head. You’ll definitely want a mirror when you do your own (Amy is just an old pro and didn’t need one).

ImageStep 6: Tuck any lose hairs into your bun and make sure your sock is covered by your hair.



…And no one has to know you have a sock in your hair!

*extra tip: I use the sock bun to get my hair to have big waves. Do your sock bun on damp hair, spray with hairspray and sleep on your sock bun. The next morning, take your bun out and re-spray with hairspray and your hair will have nice waves all day!


Picture Shelf with Accessory Storage

10 Sep

Before I moved I realized that the tops of my furniture were loaded down with picture frames and tchotchkes. Having these things spread out and taking up so much space was really bogging me down mentally so I did a bit of research and decided to make a shelf dedicated just to displaying all of my photos of family and friends. While packing I also noticed that I had way more jewelry than I knew and figured I would wear it more often if I could see it all. Thus was born a picture shelf/jewelry display combo.


Lumber – I used a scrap piece of moulding and an 8′ board

Screw gun

Screw driver(yes, both)

Drill bits

Hooks – I used 80 total

Shelf brackets


Paint brush



To start I gave the piece of moulding a couple coats of gesso – basically as a primer. I wasn’t sure how was I was going to finish it at this point so I kept it simple.

While it was drying I went and picked up some hooks. Then I marked off where to pre-drill holes. The piece of moulding measured 7′-10″ which ended up being perfect for an 8′ shelf, allowing for brackets on either end that are an inch wide. After doing the math (80 hooks spread out over 94 inches) I decided to space the hooks out an inch apart, leaving 7 inches on either end.

Time for the drill! This part is obviously tedious but took surprisingly less time than I expected.

All the hooks are in and it looks a bit crazy. Everyone thought 80 hooks was overkill but those spaces fill up quicker than you may think!

Attaching the shelf to the piece of moulding took a bit of measuring and lining up. I marked off 4 spots along each to pre-drill where I wanted the screws to go to make sure they lined up evenly.

Once the shelf and moulding were attached I screwed in the wall brackets.

Using this little shelf and framed poster as inspiration, I decided to the paint the new shelf white underneath and black on the top.

Once the paint dried, I got to work on hanging this bad boy. I was home alone so I had to figure out how to do this by myself and make it even. To start, I centered the shelf on the wall and marked where one of the screws for the bracket would go. From there I was able to use my handy level app to figure out where the screws for the other brackets should be placed.

This shelf and accessory display filled up very quickly! I love having everything out and visible while still organized and neat. The project itself came together very easily – the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry! It is also so easy to customize to fit any space and use any size scraps you may come across.


Guest Project: Annabelle Arnolds’ Handmade Headbands

14 Aug

You guys met the youngest Arnolds child when I made the embellished onesies for Amelia’s first birthday, now here is the oldest of the Arnolds bunch with a project of her own! Miss Annabelle is a sassy 7-year-old with a flair for fashion, so I wasn’t surprised when I got a message from my friend Brooke(her nanny) with pictures of some adorable headbands that she made. Annabelle even wrote up her own supply list and project steps for me!


An old plain headband

Glue or glue gun(if you have an adult)


Strings and thread to wrap around and hold your bow in place

Bows(mine was pre-made but you can make your own)

Sequins/glitter, anything really, except FOAM!

Put glue on the pieces and then stick it on your headband. Any material works.

You can wear your headband anytime you want!

Annabelle made a few more headbands but had already given them out to family members and friends before I could photograph them, but the one she saved for herself was adorable! You can see where her sister gets her modeling skills from too!

As always, keep sending us projects! We love to see what you guys are up to and include you in the blog!


T-shirt To Tank Top

12 Jul
Okay, so I was really jealous of Emily’s adorable dip-dyed shorts and decided to try it out on a t-shirt turned tank top.
Needle and thread
Plastic container
Here’s the shirt – picked this baby up at Marshalls for $10!
First I cut off the bottom hem, the sleeves and then cut the neckline. I made the armholes a little bit bigger, but not enormous(though I thought about doing that, it made me nervous, haha).
Next I set up my bleach station. I also tested the bleach on one of the scrap pieces to make sure I knew how long to let it sit and to see if I would actually like the color the bleach turns the fabric.
While the scrap piece was working it’s magic, I decided I didn’t like the seams on the shoulders. So, I took another piece of scrap fabric and wrapped it around like I did with the jersey scarf tutorial.
Here’s the tank top, ready for the bleach!
Just a close-up of the shoulder seams now that they are wrapped.
This shirt had not been previously washed, so I noticed that when I put the scrap piece in, the fabric wouldn’t soak any of the bleach up. So I pre-wet the fabric with water and wringed it out then put it in the bleach. This step is probably unnecessary if the shirt has been washed before.
Wizzy was feeling left out and wanted his tail dip-dyed too.
So once the bleach has soaked into the fabric, wring it out, but do not rinse yet, and let it hang. Keep an eye on it and when it gets to a point you like, rinse the bleach out completely.
Either tumble dry or air dry.
New fun shirt time! I debated cutting the bottom into fringe, thoughts? I have been (lovingly) dubbed the fringe queen by my friend Liz(with good reason, I love me some fringe), so the obvious answer seems to be yes. I’ll update you if that happens, haha.

Dip Dyed Shorts

4 Jul

In honor of Independence Day, I decided a good, timeless, Summer project was on the menu for today. So here is an easy way to update those old jeans you haven’t worn in awhile.

old jeans
plastic cooler
Try your jeans on and mark them with a pen how short you want your shorts. It’s important to try them on from past experiences where I’ve cut too high and wound up with booty shorts.
Now you have a new pair of shorts.
I rigged this up because I knew I didn’t want to inhale bleach fumes for the next hour.  I’m sure there are many other ways to do this, but this was pretty easy to me.  I used a cooler and flipped up the handle, then slid my string through each belt loop and tied it to the handle so just the portion I wanted bleached would end up in the cooler.
Fill up your cooler with warm water (don’t know if it makes a difference the water temperature, but I used warm and it worked so let’s just go with that.) I used about 2 parts water, to 1 part bleach.  Have the solution touching about an inch up your shorts (the bleach will bleed up a little).
Check on them every 20 minutes or so until you get the color you want.  I left mine in there for about an hour. I should probably mention to wear bad clothes when doing this incase the bleach gets on them.
Hang to dry…
Then wash them on cold the first few times you wash them.
Happy 4th of July!
–Emily Jo

Tee Shirt Upcycle

26 May
Here is a big tee shirt:
Let’s make it cute.
Oversized Tee
Tape measure or ruler
This is a quick way to update an old tee for Summer.
We’ll let the photos speak for themselves in this post (that’s how easy this is!)
I love off the shoulder shirts, and am the cropped top queen. I also love me some bandeaus so I love finding shirts with over-sized arm holes to show them off. So I made a shirt and incorporated all these things!
Creepy myspace self photo collage time!
Possible Memorial Day cookout outfit?
There are so many things you can do with old tee shirts. Share any of your designs with us:

Layered Beaded Necklace

10 May
A few years ago, while still in Savannah, I stopped by The Beadstro one day – our local bead shop – and picked up a few hand-painted ceramic beads that promptly got stashed away for later. I had completely forgotten about them until recently and decided that it was time to show them off. I wanted to just string the beads on a simple silver chain but didn’t have one available. Then I remembered that I had some silver seed beads that could work just as well!
Needle and thread
It doesn’t look like there are many seed beads there, but once you start stringing them up you realize how few you actually need. From that little section I probably used only a little over half of them for the entire necklace.
Once you’ve threaded the needle and made a knot at the end that is big enough to stop the beads from falling off, just start stringing! This is one of those great projects to do while watching Netflix(I’m watching Sons of Anarchy for the second time and it’s just as good as the first!).
Once you’ve filled up your string and made sure it is the length you wanted, add on your bigger beads and tie the two ends of thread together.
How cute are these beads? Just simple blue and pink flowers with gilded edges that will definitely add a little life to my spring wardrobe!
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