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Beach Wave Hairspray

27 Mar

I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks now. DIY beach waves seemed to be in high demand on our Facebook page so I decided to give it a try. I really miss living next to an ocean, and really miss my beach hair (you know, that summer salty, sunscreen scented, beautifully messy hair). So I went in search of the perfect beach wave recipe.


After trying a few different recipes and testing out different measurements and ingredients, I think I have bottled the beach wave. This recipe is quick, easy, and will most likely work on any hair (my hair is naturally pretty straight, and this recipe really did the trick).

Empty spray bottle
coconut oil
sea salt
hair gel
hair spray

Fill your spray bottle with 1/2 cup warm water, 2 tbs of sea salt, 2 tsp of coconut oil, and 1 tsp of hair gel. Cap your spray bottle and shake until your mixture is dissolved and foamy.


Spray on damp hair and scrunch with your fingers. Once satisfied, flip head upside-down and spray with hairspray. Dry your damp hair with your blow dryer for a few mins, and voila!


Enjoy the waves 😉


Customized Camera Case

5 Mar

Once upon a time I had a bright orange camera, it was protected by a cute brown and white floral Vera Bradley wallet with a little pocket for my extra battery. Then some how, magically, the camera, case, and extra battery disappeared. I searched high and I searched low, I searched in and I searched out, with no trace in sight. Time was ticking and Saturday Studios were quickly approaching so I gave up and bought a new camera, but a case was out of my budget. Here is my solution:


Leather scraps – or fabric scraps

Embroidery floss

A thicker gauge needle

photo 2

I traced the outline of my camera on the leather scraps, making sure to leave some room around the edges to take in consideration the thickness of the camera. The leather scraps are placed so that the faces that are touching will become the exterior of the case and what is being traced on is the interior.

photo 3

Since the leather is pretty hefty, I used large bobby pins to hold it in place while I stitched the two pieces together.

photo 4

I then used the embroidery floss to do a not-so-professional looking stitch around my template. Then I just trimmed the edges down to a little less than a quarter of an inch from the stitching.

photo 6

Once it was all stitched, I flipped the leather right side out and stretched into the corners. I tried my camera inside and it fit nice and snug, but was difficult to get in and out of. That is where the brown strip of leather comes in.

photo 7

I just made a few cross stitches at the bottom seam, top edge and stitched the ends together. This allowed for a small pull on each end of the case to help with putting the camera in and taking it out.

photo 5

Here is an image of how the top strap just moves to the side while taking the camera out or putting it in. The strap also acts as a catch in case the camera tries to slide out on its own because I assume that over time the leather will naturally stretch a bit. This project took me a little over an hour to whip up and is a simple, customizable way to protect your electronics. I am going to leave mine very plain but this project can be personalized in a million ways – different types of fabrics, paints, bleaching, size it down for a phone, size it up for a laptop!


We love all natural skin care!

10 Feb

Lately Heather and I have been talking about DIY skin care recipes such as our Kitchen Cupboard face mask and our DIY soaps. It’s so interesting the ingredients that go into certain skin care products and the effectiveness of them.

Where are we going with this? Well, did you notice the new little boxes under our archive section? We’ve met a few people, fallen in love with their products, and they were nice enough to give 10% off to any of our Two Girls friends.

Bogavia is our new skin care obsession. We met up with the creator of the all natural face and body care line, photo-1Alison, who explained why she created this amazing line. “I wanted to create a little piece of heaven on earth. I believe people should really take the time with their skin care routine and pamper themselves” explained Alison. Alison also shared with us her history as a holistic health expert, and her pastry chef background while living in Italy. Talk about an amazing girl making stuff!

This collection really is all-natural. With ingredients throughout the line such as aloe vera, nettle, chamomile, rose hip, and sea kelp, you really feel good about putting this product on your skin.

Our personal favorite product so far is The Essential Toner. Alison gave us a sample last week and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve used it every morning the past week and my skin feels smooth, hydrated, and not dry (like many other toners leave my face feeling).

So experience the line for yourself- click on our Bogavia link on the right side of this page and save 10% on any of their products. 

Sometimes you can make all the DIY skin care recipes you can, but nothing compares to the expertise of a true skin care expert!

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