We love all natural skin care!

10 Feb

Lately Heather and I have been talking about DIY skin care recipes such as our Kitchen Cupboard face mask and our DIY soaps. It’s so interesting the ingredients that go into certain skin care products and the effectiveness of them.

Where are we going with this? Well, did you notice the new little boxes under our archive section? We’ve met a few people, fallen in love with their products, and they were nice enough to give 10% off to any of our Two Girls friends.

Bogavia is our new skin care obsession. We met up with the creator of the all natural face and body care line, photo-1Alison, who explained why she created this amazing line. “I wanted to create a little piece of heaven on earth. I believe people should really take the time with their skin care routine and pamper themselves” explained Alison. Alison also shared with us her history as a holistic health expert, and her pastry chef background while living in Italy. Talk about an amazing girl making stuff!

This collection really is all-natural. With ingredients throughout the line such as aloe vera, nettle, chamomile, rose hip, and sea kelp, you really feel good about putting this product on your skin.

Our personal favorite product so far is The Essential Toner. Alison gave us a sample last week and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve used it every morning the past week and my skin feels smooth, hydrated, and not dry (like many other toners leave my face feeling).

So experience the line for yourself- click on our Bogavia link on the right side of this page and save 10% on any of their products. 

Sometimes you can make all the DIY skin care recipes you can, but nothing compares to the expertise of a true skin care expert!


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