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Witch’s Brew

29 Oct

A tradition to celebrate my favorite day of the year has always been to make a cauldron of witch’s brew for all my halloween guests.


2 bottles of champagne
1 liter of vodka
2 liters of sprite
1 limeade concentrate
1 pink lemonade concentrate
2 containers of rainbow sherbet
big halloween pot

So, yeah. Mix all that together. Scoop out the sherbet last in clumps. The sherbet mixed with the champagne makes a great bubbly effect on top.

Pour some water into a rubber glove and freeze it. Take it out, cut off the glove, and you have yourself a spooky ice hand to keep your brew cold.

Enjoy this deadly punch and have a Happy Halloween!


Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Two Girls!

8 Oct

When we started up this blog, it was honestly just an outlet for us not to feel so lazy. While in art school, we were always working on projects, learning new mediums, and inspiring each other, but post graduation, we really got stuck in a rut. We moved to different states and completely fell off the DIY wagon. This blog was the perfect remedy in helping us regain our creativity, and we love sharing it with all of you!

We were so excited and surprised when the hits and followers of our original Two Girls site kept growing and growing. It made us seriously want to produce more; now not only for ourselves, but for everyone reading our posts and trying our projects. So many other do-it-yourselfers have given us great ideas and suggestions, it’s just been such a great year!

We hope our posts inspire you to create your own projects! You’ll never know what you are capable of until you try, so what are you waiting for?

In honor of our 1 Year Anniversary, we have decided to post 10 of our all-time favorite tutorials.

Emily’s Glitter Shoes

“This was one of my first projects on Two Girls, and it was a great success! This was one of those ones where I really had no clue how it was going to turn out. I loved the outcome and I actually wore the glitter shoes that weekend and got SO MANY compliments on them by complete strangers. I loved that when people asked me where I got them, I could say, ‘I made them!'” -Emily

Heather’s Cinnamon Ornaments

“These were the perfect little ornaments that Heather made last Christmas. Such an inexpensive way to decorate your tree- and I know if you are like us (two young girls on a budget), you don’t have the money to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to decorate your tree in your apartment. These ornaments smelled so good too! I loved that you could customize them to be in any shape as well. BUT I think I loved these the most because we all got together for New Years and Heather gifted one to each of our friends. I still have mine hanging in front of a vent in my apartment and I think of Heather every time I look at it.” -Emily

Heather’s Tangle Free Headphones

“This was a really popular post on Facebook, Pinterest, and we were also featured on other blogs with this tutorial as well. We even had readers who did the tutorial send us their finished product and we even re-posted one.  This was such a great idea because we all know how annoying it is when our headphones get all tangled. AND…it’s super cute.” -Emily

Emily’s Solar Light

“I almost bought a solar light online…and then I thought I could make that. Which is how most of my projects start. Doing things yourself is not only good for your wallet, and good for your brain, but it’s good for the environment too! Many of our projects are us re-using old things we may have otherwise thrown out. This is perfect if you have an empty jar and are looking for something really different to do with it. ” -Emily

Heather’s Doodle Designed Cart

“One of my favorite past-times is stopping at garage sales, finding old furniture with a lot of character and doctoring them up. So I was very excited when I saw this post from Heather. Not only is the original cart amazing to begin with- but Heather really takes this cart and makes it her own. The end result is a must-see, and it is a really inspirational project to get your mind turning and thinking about what you can do to an old piece of furniture in your own house. And that is really our goal, get your brain to start using that Right Side.” -Emily

Elizabeth Whited’s Decoupaged Birds

“I was so excited when I received a text message one day from Liz telling me she had gotten into the crafting spirit that I immediately asked if we could feature her project on the blog, so she sent some pictures my way. The thing that makes this blog so special to me is that we set out to motivate ourselves and ended up inspiring others in the process. Liz’s project was the perfect example of using what you have and putting your own personal touch on it.” -Heather

Heather’s Beaded Chandelier

“This was my first foray into the world of chandeliers and while I had an idea in mind for the outcome, the project really evolved as I problem-solved my way through it. The end result was this stunning centerpiece but, at the time, I had no where to hang it, so it sat on my closet floor for months. I began to feel like I may have wasted my time making this gorgeous but cumbersome light fixture. I kept the faith though, lovingly packing it with all my belongings for my move and just a few weeks ago was able to give it the space and attention it deserved in my new art studio/study.” -Heather 

Emily’s Interior Ideas

“During her visit to Boston last December, Emily had mentioned to me that she had moved her wine rack into the bathroom and turned it into a towel rack, to which I responded that she was a genius and to put that on the blog! The point was, you don’t necessarily even have to make anything to be creative, just some out-of-the-box thinking is all it takes! And we can’t forget her beautiful window headboard that had all my friends asking me where to get old windows and sparked a window project of my own.” -Heather

Heather’s Leather Luggage Tags

“Before this project I had never worked with any of these materials or techniques, but because of the support we’ve gotten from the blog I felt confident enough to dive right in and give it a shot. Even though I only had three days to make these, leaving little room for error, I was exhilarated by the process of trying something new and the outcome was better than I had expected. It’s in those moments that I am grateful for the continued praise and feedback from our readers.” -Heather

Emily and Heather’s Champagne Punch

“What a better way to wrap up our top ten and celebrate our first year anniversary than with a bubbly toast to all of you! This punch was delish and the sentiment on the dispenser rings true year-round. So celebrate creativity with us, because we could not be happier to have been able to share this wonderful year with you and are even more excited to see what the next year brings. Cheers!” -Heather

Katie’s Go Green Breakfast Smoothie

3 Oct

Here’s a little recipe that my friend Katie made and wanted to share with you guys!

“Loved this Go Green smoothie. All the nutrients in the spinach but you can’t even taste it! You really just taste the banana and pineapple! Feel free to substitute any fruit to mix it up a bit. This is super filling too, perfect for the dieter looking to substitute a meal.” -Katie



baby spinach


2 bananas

yogurt (optional)

protein mix (optional)



Throw two handfuls of baby spinach in your blender. Cut up 1 cup pineapple and 2 bananas into chunks and toss them in the blender too. Add 1 cup of yogurt to make it more creamy, or add a scoop of protein mix (or both!). Add 1 cup water, blend, and enjoy! This is perfect to make at the beginning of the week and then put in the fridge and just pour yourself a glass each morning.

Postcard Artwork

1 Oct

Brooke turned 25 this past weekend and she had requested that I make her a set of paintings that when placed together on the wall would create one large image. Well, paint and I have a love/hate relationship where I just can’t force myself if I’m not loving it, so I decided to think outside the box on this one. I had come across some history-themed postcards while wandering around Davis Square that sparked some ideas of an American Revolution style project that would be right up Brooke’s alley.



Archival Ink Pens

Black paper

Picture frame

So these are the postcards I picked up; John Adams, Faneuil Hall and JFK.

I decided to draw the maps of the Midnight Ride routes of Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott onto the postcards so that map covers all three cards.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I was able to trace over the routes and delete the reference image. Initially I had planned to just print the map directly onto the cards but was afraid that they might mess up and I would need to buy more postcards.

So instead, I drew them on free-hand which I think actually ended up looking better and more personalized. At this point the project seemed too easy and a bit plain, so I wrote the preamble to the Constitution in the background of the John Adams postcard. Then I felt like all of the cards needed some writing. So Faneuil Hall has a quote from Abigail Adams written on the street and I wrote a quote from JFK onto the shore line of his postcard. Sorry, I don’t have detail images of these.

The postcards measure 4″x6″ but I didn’t want any of the card to be cut off so I picked up a basic three pane frame from Target that fits 5″x7″ photos. I used some black paper to act as a background to the postcards once inside the frame.

All wrapped up and ready for delivery! You can start to see some of the quotes in this image.

And it has already found the perfect spot on the wall in her bedroom! Happy birthday, Brooke!


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