Guest Project: Annabelle Arnolds’ Handmade Headbands

14 Aug

You guys met the youngest Arnolds child when I made the embellished onesies for Amelia’s first birthday, now here is the oldest of the Arnolds bunch with a project of her own! Miss Annabelle is a sassy 7-year-old with a flair for fashion, so I wasn’t surprised when I got a message from my friend Brooke(her nanny) with pictures of some adorable headbands that she made. Annabelle even wrote up her own supply list and project steps for me!


An old plain headband

Glue or glue gun(if you have an adult)


Strings and thread to wrap around and hold your bow in place

Bows(mine was pre-made but you can make your own)

Sequins/glitter, anything really, except FOAM!

Put glue on the pieces and then stick it on your headband. Any material works.

You can wear your headband anytime you want!

Annabelle made a few more headbands but had already given them out to family members and friends before I could photograph them, but the one she saved for herself was adorable! You can see where her sister gets her modeling skills from too!

As always, keep sending us projects! We love to see what you guys are up to and include you in the blog!



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