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Dia de Los Muertos the Halloween Edition

29 Oct
Halloween has been Emily’s number one holiday since birth and when we lived together in Savannah, her love for all things spooky was simply intoxicating. Luckily, this year we were able to spend the weekend together in Massachusetts. Knowing that we would be together on such a special holiday, we got to planning our costumes and decided to go with Day of the Dead.
Face paint – white, black, red and blue
Powder makeup – white and black
Black eyeliner
Loose glitter – optional
Self-sticking jewels
Bobby pins
To start, I picked up some (on sale!) flowers at Michaels and glued them to some pretty hefty bobby pins for my hair.
As you can see I glued the pins to the leaves first.
Then I glued the leaves to the flowers.
Extreme close up! Emily thought it was necessary to get a picture sans makeup.
On the white makeup goes!
Putting on the black makeup.
Lining my eyebrows.
Filling them in with blue to match my flowers.
I decided to go with the red lips lined in black.
All complete!
Emily putting the final touches on her makeup. As you can see, she decided to do some red right around the eyes and went with the full black lips.
Ready to explore all that Salem has to offer! Witches, ghouls and goblins, here we come.
Two girls in Witch City
Uh oh! We got caught practicing witchcraft!
–Heather and Emily Jo

Porcelain Paint

27 Oct
To stick with the simple theme of the week, I decided to decorate some boring white coffee mugs with a little bit of paint. I had seen an example of this on, is a very addicting site if you don’t already have an account there) and wanted to try it out for myself. In the end, the mugs look like they took a lot of time and creativity, when in reality the entire project took me less than 45 minutes – for all three mugs!
Porcelain paint
I wanted to stop by our local Salvation Army store to see what sort of mugs they had there(I had envisioned doctoring up cheesy mug designs with my own designs), but decided instead to do a little shopping in our own cabinets. I came across these simple Pottery Barn mugs just begging for some sketchy drawings.

I picked up silver and black paint at Michael’s and got to work. These are actually very easy to draw with straight from the bottle, so skip the paint brushes.

Here are some abstracted tree designs on my first mug. You can see that the paint comes out a bit like puff paint. 

Ta-dah! Three revamped mugs! I started out with the trees(painting them upside down on purpose, deciding to stick to that theme through all three) and then moved onto the linear mountains and finished up with the nesting dolls. 
Once these have dried for 24 hours, I just have to stick them in the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes and they will be dishwasher and microwave safe.

Friendly Fridge Ghost

24 Oct

This 2 minute project is perfect for this time of year! So easy it’s scary!

White Refrigerator
Black Construction Paper
First, clear off the front of your fridge. Next, cut eyes and a mouth for your ghost. Last, tape it to your fridge! Such a simple, creative, and cute way to add some Halloween to your Home. This could be a good project for the kids too.
This ghost fridge will definitely keep all of your Boooooze cold!
–Emily Jo

Solid Perfume

20 Oct

This blog post is dedicated to my friend Nicole. We’ve been friends since elementary school and I grew up in a house right behind that school, so needless to say, we spent many hours playing on the playground. One day we realized that after we had buried ourselves in the sand, our skin was magically softer. So naturally we took some home in a sock, whipped up a concoction using the sand and every bath product in the bathroom, slathered it all over our faces and named it “Purple Chester.” This solid perfume project has the potential for lots of creativity and definitely brought me back to the 4th grade beauty professional in me.

Empty container – the recipe I went off of used a cute locket
Essential oil(s) of your choosing – I used sweet orange and a tiny bit of lavender
Coconut or Jojoba oil
Optional: Eyedropper – it was helpful but not necessary
To begin, I finished off the last of my Rosebud Salve so I could use the container.
Next I decided I would forget what was in the container if I left it as is, so I slapped a sloppy coat of white paint on it.
I left the roses on the side because they’re pretty!
Then I found this bee hanging out in my room, he must have known I was using some of his hard earned beeswax. Sorry buddy!
So here is where the concocting starts. I found a recipe online and doubled it because I had the supplies and thought my container could hold more(in the end it turned out I probably should have quadrupled the recipe).
1 heaping tsp of beeswax
3 tsp of coconut or jojoba oil
55 drops of essential oil
Although the ingredients are shown separate above, I ended up combining them all and microwaving them for about 45 seconds, or until all melted.
Then pour into your container and let cool completely – which took about 20 minutes.
Now to decorate! I added a little chevron pattern with a permanent marker.
Then added some red-orange lines and dots.
And some green lines and dots. This little container makes carrying a perfume around much easier and will become a staple in my purse.

Glitter Shoes

15 Oct

This project was so much fun, and I’m so happy with the outcome! I was skeptical at first, but this is an easy, cheap, brilliant, way to update that pair of shoes you no longer wear.

These toe-less ankle boots had been sitting at the bottom of my closet for over a year now. I have only worn them once, and they were the perfect guinea pigs for this experimental project.
Pair of Shoes
Tacky Glue
Spray Adhesive
Once you have your pair of choice, stuff plastic bags into any openings you do not want to get sticky or glitter-ified. (If you are doing a pair of heels or flats, this would be the whole inside opening where your foot would go)
Next I said good-bye to my shoes, no turning back now. Pour some tacky glue onto your shoe and turn it into a thing layer using your paintbrush.
Glitter time! (I can’t remember the last time I’ve used glitter in a project, possibly elementary school. But let me tell you… reunited and it feels so good.)
Continue to put layers of glue onto your shoe and glitter on top until you have covered a large area.
Gently pat the glitter down so it really sticks to the glue.
When I started the other shoe, I was getting impatient so I covered large areas with the tacky glue. This actually worked just fine, and went much quicker.  
Continue to dispense your glue, paintbrush it thin and right up to the edges of the sole, and sprinkle your glitter.
This is what I have to deal with when I’m trying to do anything that isn’t feeding, petting, or cuddling Molly.
I expected this project to take a lot of glitter, but it really didn’t at all! This was a brand new container and I barely made a dent in it. So you don’t need to purchase very much at all.
Once I felt that I had covered every part of the shoe with glitter, I used a dry paintbrush to dust away any glitter specs that were on an area I didn’t want any on. (Molly was entranced by the glitter)
Take your spray adhesive and put a thin coat onto your shoes. 
IMPORTANT: make sure you are a good distance away (like a foot or more) from your shoes when you spray. If you are too close it gobs up on the glitter and makes it not sparkly anymore. I had to re-do a section because of this.
These bad boys took forever to dry. I sat them in front of a fan to speed up the process, rotating them every 20 minutes.
I can’t wait to wear these!

I love the way these turned out! 
I’m all ready thinking of other pairs I can do this to, with other glitter colors.
–Emily Jo

One Night Stand

15 Oct

So I found this night stand at a garage sale a few months ago for a few dollars. I knew I wanted to paint it, and this weekend I finally got around to it. This is a really simple way to paint furniture, anyone can do this!

Piece of desired wooden furniture
Sand Paper
Paint (Acrylic, Spray Paint, Wall Paint..all works)
Masking Tape
Optional: Fabric, Modge Podge (or white glue/water combo)
First sand down your item. This will take the finish off of it so it will absorb the paint. (That’s Why mine looks so dusty) Dust off all the little dust pieces the sandpaper leaves behind.
Next step..Paint! I used leftover wall paint. Make sure to get under your item and in all the nooks and crannies.
I decided I needed some more color, so I masking taped off the tabletop and used some gold metallic spray I found 
in my paint drawer. I sprayed the fronts of the drawers as well.
I had some scrap fabric lying around…
So I used Heather’s tutorial on fabric lined drawers to line my drawers!

And here is where I will be keeping my underwear now!
Not bad for a few bucks.
–Emily Jo

Mini Collages

11 Oct
So collages and I have been going steady since high school when I was assigned a “found object” self-portrait. Working with “non-traditional” mediums or mixing “traditional” mediums made me focus less on precision and more on the content of whatever I was making – pushing me towards a much more conceptual style. For this project I had two small (6″x6″) wooden canvasses that have been sitting in my room since spring. These two were originally part of a set of six, but four were used in a Father’s Day gift, so these little babies have been left art-less for a while. It hit me last night what I needed to use these for – a “night” collage and a “day” collage. 
Two canvasses
Rubber cement
So here we are, my magazines, canvasses and two piles of images, one for each. 

So after scouring my magazine collection for the best images, I got to work measuring out 2″x2″ squares. At this point I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to take this project, but I just went with it.

All squares cut out (I needed 21 for each canvas but cut more for insurance) and separated into their respective piles.

Next I decided since I had some extras, I’d test out cutting them into triangles, after which I was convinced that all of the squares needed to be triangles. Having graduated from art school I immediately came up with a conceptual reason to back this decision up – it adds to the yin and yang feel of the project; day/night, light/dark etc.

Before you begin, make sure that your supervisor (in this instance, our cat, Mr. Wizard) is in place and attentive. He was getting a bit jealous of Molly’s prominence on the blog.

Once everyone was in place I brushed a coat of rubber cement over the whole canvas and let dry. What I learned after completing the first one was that you should really just coat the side you are working on because by the time you get to the last side, it’s too dry to stick to.

Then I just started lining those triangles up. At first I didn’t have a specified layout, but then I realized that undermines the integrity of the collage and worked out a composition that enhanced the concept. 

I also collaged the sides of the canvas.

Here’s a top view of the finished collages.

Here they are up on a wall.

And here is where they will hang for at least a little while.
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